Test Report GraphPatch Test ReportOilCare combines conventional oil analysis with some of the most advance oil analysis technologies available. These are aimed at putting you in control of your oil management decisions, helping you get away from the reactive and costly need to change oil, whilst improving machine reliability.

By understanding the most appropriate analysis for your situation, OilCare’s approach can provide a more in-depth understanding of oil condition, its relationship with the system and the most appropriate action.

OilCare provides analysis for:

  • turbine oils
  • gearboxes
  • hydraulics
  • lubrication systems
  • transformers

Anti-oxidents are the protection mechanism of the oil. By monitoring the depletion of anti-oxidents proactive steps can be taken to reduce the rate of depletion and replenish when needed.

OilCare can provide you with a full laboratory report of your oil/oil system condition, with the added benefit of more in depth interpretation and advice.

If you require a fast (even on-site) contamination check, OilCare can provide you with a simple yet effective membrane patch test. This method identifies all insoluble contaminants, including oxidation product that lead to varnish in addition to the usual particle count. You can also carry out this test yourself by using the Kleentek Contamination Checker Kit.

OilCare’s advanced oil analysis techniques provide proactive opportunities for extending oil life and improving reliability. For more information please contact us.

Laboratory Report